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Digital Marketing Opportunities for Alberta Non-Profit Organizations in 2021

Digital Marketing Opportunities for Alberta Non-Profit Organizations in 2021


Non-profit organizations, associations, and colleges have always faced unique challenges – but that may never be truer than it is now.

We know you’ve heard this already, but it’s worth repeating, 2020 has caused seismic shifts in the habits and expectations of volunteers, donors, and stakeholders. We realize this is a cliché that you hear every time a new trend or technology comes along, but we promise you, this time it’s true.

Embracing Technology

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat”, this Steve Jobs quote has always been one of our favourites and it’s very applicable to us all in 2021! Curbside pickup, online ordering, and contactless pickup have permanently changed the expectations of everyone, the same is true to how we donate our money and time. Peer-to-peer giving, online fundraising, digital events, and virtual volunteering are here to stay, even after the pandemic is over.

We’re sure that you’re hearing about a new platform or technology for online donations, automation, communications, and more, on an almost daily basis.  Researching, demoing, and comparing all these different platforms can seem like a big task, but it’s also a huge opportunity.

Reframing Challenges as Opportunities

All the changes we’ve seen over the last year have accelerated the adoption and availability of technologies. Our target audiences are using new technologies, companies are fighting to develop solutions for our organizations, and everyone is open to new ideas.  

A Perfect Storm for Innovation

In the past, have you worried about how volunteers, donors, and stakeholders would react to change? Over the last year, they’ve all adapted to new technologies and procedures. They’re expecting solutions that make things easier for them, and that’s not going to change when the pandemic is over.   

Have you been looking for a technology solution, but it’s been hard to find or too expensive in the past? New innovations are constantly providing more options and greater flexibility. Over our 22 years of experience, we’ve created custom software solutions, integrated third-party software solutions, and helped organizations of all types and sizes use technology to their benefit. Whether you need e-commerce integrations, automation of processes, or more efficient ways to communicate your messages, there are solutions available.

People Want to Hear Positive Local News, and They Want to Hear about your Organization.

We get it, Canadians are humble. We don’t scream our accomplishments from the mountain tops. It can sometimes feel like no one wants to hear our story, but that’s not true.

Non-profit organizations bring great value to the communities they serve, and people do want to hear about it. 

Should our Non-Profit Organization be on Social Media? Should we be Blogging? or Sending e-newsletters?

The right communication strategy will vary greatly from organization to organization. It will depend on the type of audience you want to reach and the types of actions you want them to take.

If you’re looking to increase general awareness of your organization and attract new donors and volunteers, then social media and online advertising would be great options. If you’re trying to increase engagement amongst a group of stakeholders, regular e-newsletters or blog posts could be the way to go.

Taking the time to research the right strategy is a wise investment of your organization’s time and energy. Talk to your stakeholders, look at what other organizations are doing, and reach out to experts who can provide guidance.

Although the communication strategy will be different for every organization, all non-profit organizations should be aware of Google’s Ad Grant program.

Google Ad Grants for Non-Profit Organizations

Access a $10,000 USD per month Google Ads budget without having to pay for the ads. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Our next blog post will go into greater details, but you can click here to learn more, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.   

Discounted Pricing from Non-Profits

When investigating any services or products it’s always worth asking about discounts. Digital Tea is proud to offer discounted pricing for all services for non-profit organizations.

We will also be giving away a free Google Ad Grant setup and management for six-months. Keep reading for details! 

Shameless Promotion- We’ll Keep it Short

Now would be the part of the blog post where we tell you that Digital Tea has 22 years of experience helping Alberta non-profit organizations. How we can help you with every aspect of your digital presence from website design and development, e-Commerce, and all aspects of digital marketing from Google Ad Grant management to social media management, SEO, content writing and more. Our team of experts are local and available to provide you with a free no-pressure, no-obligation consultation. Speak directly with experts, not salespeople, and learn about solutions that could help your organization today, and into the future. And you’ll automatically be entered to win a free Google Ad Grant setup and management for six-months. Keep reading for details! 

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