Web design and development solutions regardless of size or species.

Veg Vet delivers the highest level of moral and ethical care for some very special clients. From cats and dogs to horses and cattle, no client is too big or too small. At Digital Tea we treat all projects the same, regardless of the size of your organization or the project. We create a custom plan for each new project to meet your goals and budget.

No small clients or projects.

Creating or redesigning your organization’s website is an opportunity to showcase what makes you unique and communicate what you offer to new customers. You should never feel restricted by predefined templates or other limitations.

Since this was Veg Vet’s first website, onsite training was something that Veg Vet needed included in their package. Although technology allows us to communicate efficiently with clients outside of the Edmonton area, we we’re more than happy to travel to their site in Vegreville, 100 kilometers north east of our office.   We understand many clients still want to meet face-to-face and we are happy to travel anywhere in Alberta and beyond to provide the level of experience you should expect for your website design and development project .

Visit their new site to see how it all came together and if you’re in need of a web designer who will travel to meet with you  check out all our web design and development solutions.

Slide Vegreville Veterinary Clinic Website Slide Vegreville Veterinary Clinic Website Slide Vegreville Veterinary Clinic Website

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