Website Design and Development for Sterling Crane

Designing a website for a company with 27 locations, hundreds of employees, and a fleet of over 625+ cranes – involves a lot of heavy lifting! Sterling Crane has trusted Digital Tea for their website needs for 20 years and counting.

Constructing a Foundation for ongoing Success

Sterling Crane wanted to ensure they continued meeting the needs of their diverse client base and employees with a site that was functional, modern, and optimized for search engines.

Website design for Sterling Crane Canada
Website design for Sterling Crane Canada

Working collaboratively, we created

  • A searchable directory of over 100 unique crane models with links to Lifting Charts and Transportation Specifications.
  • A listing of all 27 locations across North America with an interactive map showing the areas they serve.
  • Job listing that can be sorted by location or keyword and managed internally.

All within a responsive and easy to navigate design that will grow with their organization. You can visit their site and see all these features here