Website Design and Development for Mental Health Foundation

the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) was founded on the ideal of transforming care for mental health and addictions in Edmonton by building resilient organizations and communities.

Recent Projects. Website design & Development for the Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Edmonton, states its mission is to transform care for mental health and addictions in the community.

Projects Mental Health Foundation Edmonton Website Design

The foundation faced a challenge with its old website, which was outdated and erroneous and failed to generate donations and event registrations at the required level. The Mental Health Foundation needed a new website that was not only mobile-friendly but also engaging and vibrant. Digital Tea was called upon to provide a solution.

The Digital Tea team worked with the foundation’s communications and marketing staff to design and roll out a visually stunning website that was optimized for mobile devices. The website features bright colours, movement, and animation, all of which aim to promote and support mental health and addiction recovery through research, innovation, and care.

The new website focuses on increased encouragement, participation, and donation promotion. Strategically placed calls to action are throughout the website and aim to drive traffic to the foundation’s major events, such as its signature breakfast, which is a significant source of revenue for the organization.

Digital Tea not only delivered a beautiful and engaging website but also provided training to the foundation’s staff and continually works with them to ensure new and existing features were performing to their full potential. This training allowes the staff to continue to enhance and build out the website, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and effective in reaching thier goals.

In conclusion, Digital Tea’s website design and development services provided the Mental Health Foundation with a mobile-friendly website that promotes and supports mental health and addiction recovery. The website’s vibrant colours, movement, and animation, along with the calls to action, encourage and facilitate donations, making it a significant source of revenue for the organization. The training provided by Digital Tea allows the staff to continue to enhance and build out the website, ensuring its ongoing success.

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