Website Design and Development for BuildWorks Canada

BuildWorks Canada is a leading procurement and business development platform for the construction industry.

Recent Projects. Website design & Development for BuildWorks Canada

BuildWorks Canada, a partnership of 12 Local Construction Associations in Alberta and Saskatchewan, was looking to sustain and grow membership by attracting its target audience to its platform. They needed a website redesign that would effectively communicate their brand identity and value proposition, generate and convert leads, and position them ahead of the private competition. Digital Tea was brought in to take on this challenge.

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From the start, the Digital Tea team provided technical and realistic solutions to achieve BuildWorks’ goals. We met with stakeholders and created an attainable strategy to execute the project requirements. The team provided a customized WordPress website with post-launch training on how to maintain the website themselves moving forward.

In addition to the website design, Digital Tea provided creative writing and content creation services, as well as voiceover work for their how-to videos. We also created web branding guidelines documents to provide to other suppliers and vendors to ensure brand consistency and congruency with BuildWorks’ brand. Finally, Digital Tea provided a robust banner advertising solution to allow BuildWorks to monetize the website with ease.

The end result was a clean and crisp, user-friendly, and visually appealing website that effectively communicated BuildWorks’ brand identity and value proposition. The website generates and converts leads, positioning BuildWorks ahead of the private competition. The website also acts as a gateway to the BuildWorks platform, engaging its target audience.

Digital Tea’s technical expertise, creative solutions, and attention to detail were instrumental in the success of the website redesign project. The partnership between Digital Tea and BuildWorks Canada resulted in a website that exceeded expectations and successfully achieved the project’s goals.

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