Finding the Right Digital Marketing Solutions for your Organization

Apr 29, 2020 | Social Media, Web design

Where should you invest your digital marketing budget and efforts? There isn’t a one-size fits all answer, but a thoughtful review of your organization is a great way to start finding the right options. Before researching specific strategies, take a close look at your budget and goals, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your previous marketing efforts.

Once your ready to start the research phase, keep an open mind. We’ve all heard that “Option X is the fastest way to get results” or “Option Y doesn’t work anymore”. Digital Marketing is always evolving, and everyone has their own opinion. Doing your own research can help you see the bigger picture. Our digital marketing experts would be happy to help you make sense of all the different digital marketing options.

There are no quick answers, but below are some general guidelines to think about as you start to evaluate where to invest your time and money .

Web Design and Development

Your website is critical to any digital marketing strategy. It provides far more control and customization then any social media platform can offer. Before running any online ads, you’ll want to make sure your website will convert the increased traffic into leads and sales. The same goes for search engine optimization (SEO). The speed and usability of your sight plays a big factor in where you rank in search results, so quality web design should be part of any SEO strategy.

For these reasons we recommend looking at your website first. Does it represent your organization the way you want it to? Is it user friendly, especially on mobile devices? Is it a good experience for your customers?

Search Engine Optimization

We all know the power of Google, most of us use it daily to answer questions, get directions, read reviews, and find products and services. We also know how easy it is to find what we are looking for, most of us click on one of the first few results. Understanding where your organization comes up in search results is vital to capturing customers looking for what you have to offer.

Increasing your search ranking takes a strategic plan and committed effort but with some patience it will pay off. Knowing how your customers find and navigate your site can not only increase your search rankings, it can also increase the percentage of visitors that convert to a lead or sale. SEO helps you target the right customers and provide them with the best possible experience once they’re on your website.

Google Ads

Google ads are a powerful form of advertising that can yield results quickly. The catch? You’ll need to pay for each click and the costs vary drastically depending on many factors. It’s important to have a good understanding of Google Ads and ensure you can commit to continually monitoring and optimizing your ads. Google ads are deceptively simple. Learning the basics can take minutes, mastering Google Ads will take much longer. Before getting started make sure to do your research or trust your ads to a digital marketing professional. Working with a Google Ads expert can ensure you’re reaching the right audience and optimize your campaign to ensure you’re getting the most out of your budget.


Creating content that educates or entertains is a great way to capture the attention of potential customers. More then ever, knowledge is valuable. Sharing your organization’s expertise allows you to build trust, establish your authority and will help your SEO efforts.

Blogging requires a commitment to providing new and thoughtful content, and like everything else, consistency is key. Starting with a strategy in mind will help keep your organization on track.

Finding the time to create this content can be a challenge. Make sure to honestly evaluate how much time you and your team can commit to blogging. Outsourcing blog writing to a professional content creator will reduce the burden on you and your team. Whether it’s writing the actual blog posts or helping with ideas, a professional content creator will be able to utilize your organization’s knowledge and turn it into a digital marketing asset.

Social Media Management

“These days you have to be on social media” we’ve all heard that before. But should you be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform? How often should you post? And about what?

The answers to all these questions are as unique as your organization. The one piece of advice we’d give everyone is find what’s right for you. Be authentic, experiment to see what works, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. A good digital marketing professional will take the time to listen to your questions and provide unique solutions customized to help your organization.

This is far from an exhaustive primer to digital marketing, but we hope it helps you have a greater understanding of your options. Future blog posts will go into greater details about specific digital marketing solutions.

Our team is always happy to answer any questions and provide a no-cost consultation for all your digital marketing needs. You can reach us with the contact form at the bottom of every page, by phone at (780) 473-4600, or by email at