In our last blog post we talked about the importance of having a plan and preparing for setbacks. But what if your plan involves things that are outside of your area of expertise or even your teams expertise?

Over the last two decades the internet has allowed us all to be more hands-on in every aspect of our lives and businesses. We can be our own travel agents and book flights or hotels halfway around the world. We can do our taxes or go to WebMD and be our own doctor! And there are plenty of services that claim that you can build your own website, automate your social media and have customers flocking to your site. But is it really that easy?

Large companies know the importance of technology and marketing, that’s why they hire Chief Technology Officers, VPs of Marketing, Digital Media Specialists and teams of IT and Marketing Professionals. While your business probably doesn’t need an entire team, there are more flexible options that can be scaled to your business’s size and needs.

Websites, graphic design and social media can all be deceptively simple. So why does it make sense to outsource these tasks to experienced professionals?

Peace of Mind

Working with an experienced professional can allow you to be confident that your brands online presence is secure, up-to-date and communicates what you want it to.


Making sure your message is communicated effectively on different devices and platforms is a science and an art. The images and text you use might differ slightly for the desktop version versus the mobile version of your website, or for your social media, but they can still communicate the same message.

Staying Ahead of the Trends

Technology is constantly changing, and new trends are always emerging. Experts have seen dozens of trends, fads and “next-big things” come and go. That experience is vital in developing long term strategies while staying current and ahead of your competition.

An Outside Perspective

There is a lot of value in an outside perspective. When you work with consultants they should show you things you might have missed while still respecting your vision for your brand.

More Time to Focus on your Strengths

This is a big one. We all want more time to focus on the things we value the most. You have strengths that you’ve used to build a successful business, how much would you have to ‘pay’ yourself to research and build that DIY website? What else could you be using that time and energy for?

So forget all those “motivational” Instagram memes that tell you that you need to do everything on your own and work 18 hours a day. Ignore all the ads that promise big results with little to no work. Ignore all the videos from “experts” who promise that “one big secret” that will make your marketing take off, then ramble on for 20 minutes about their million dollar Malibu home and their Bentleys. Sit down with real, local experts and enjoy the confidence of knowing you have a solid plan for your business’s online presence.

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