The last week has seen a lot of changes for us all. Digital Tea wants to assure you that we are prepared and here to help.

Our team is available by phone, email and video conference to continue to serve you. We are diligently monitoring everything that is happening to help our customers get through this time and emerge ready for the future. Like all organizations we are adjusting to new realities and are proactively ensuring strong lines of communication with our staff and customers.

Our social media has already featured some of the stories of our clients and how they are adjusting. We’d love to hear how your organization is adjusting and help share your message to our followers.

We’re also available to help you create and implement strategies to utilize your website and online tools to help your team be more productive and better serve existing and new customers.

We will continue to be in contact through email, our blog and social media channels. We’d love to hear how we can help you as we navigate this changing landscape together. You can reach us by phone at (780)473-4600, email us at or the contact form on the bottom of every page on our website. We’d love to connect with you on social media as well, follow @digitaltea on Facebook, Instagram,  and Twitter.