Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are your web visits declining? Not showing up where you want to be in the search engines like Google or Bing? Use smart web design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Management (SEM) is the process of helping your website perform better via smart web design.  Specifically it helps in ‘organic’ or natural search engine results.  By performing well in these areas, the search engine results will drive more traffic to your website.  Increasing your exposure and directly raising your sales. Digital Tea offers a full suite of smart web design and search engine optimization services to ensure you achieve the highest possible return on investment with your website. From analyzing your web page content, to ensuring you have optimal behind-the-scenes-programming, we can help you achieve better results.

The methodologies we use to provide these better results includes the following steps:

  • initial analysis of your website design for search engine friendliness,
  • installation of Google website statistics,
  • campaign tracking with the use of specialized pages,
  • implementation of revised keywords based on an in-depth business analysis, and
  • integration with social media campaigns to ensure you cast as large a net as possible to catch your existing or potential new customers.

By providing the entire package via a smart web design, we can help you get results.

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Social Media Marketing

What’s all the fuss about Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networks? Use smart web design with social media marketing and use it to your competitive advantage

Social media is the one of the Internet’s most popular mediums – once something goes viral, there is simply no stopping it. Learn from our extensive website design experience and let Digital Tea work with you with regards to your social media marketing. We can custom tailor specific social media campaigns in order to increase your Facebook or Twitter followers. Working with you, we can create an efficient means of spreading your corporate message and news through the various online social media accounts.

Digital Tea will sit down with you and based on in-depth discussions and consultations help you set up your initial social media accounts. Along with helping you get started in social media, we can also provide social media coverage of your corporate events and scheduled tweets to keep your accounts up to date – and based on the way accounts can be linked, we will do it in the most efficient cost-effective way possible. We can also provide the specific planning out of marketing campaigns to ensure social media follower growth and the tracking of your social media success via integration with web site tracking software.