Starting your Digital Marketing Plan

A digital marketing plan is an essential, yet often overlooked document. If your organization doesn’t have a plan for 2020, or perhaps you’ve never had one, we have good news: it’s not too late.

You might think planning takes a lot of time, but when done right, it’s one of the best investments you can make. But before getting started, we have a few suggestions on how to maximize your efforts.

Start with where you’re at

Before looking ahead, you must first start with where you’re at. Is your website in need of a new design or do you need to develop a brand-new site? Do you have social media profiles that aren’t being used to their full potential or not at all? Did your organization start a blog four years ago that was last updated 3 years ago yet is still visible?

These questions will help lead you into the next step.

Who else needs to be involved? 

There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of effort into your plan and not getting buy in from the rest of your team. It’s also important to evaluate any relationships you have with outside agencies or contractors.

Think back to when your site was created or last updated. If it was more than a couple years ago then it might be time for a new design.

Then take a look at all other aspects of your digital marketing.  Who, if anyone, is responsible for social media, search engine optimization and digital advertising? Are they being done well and in the most efficient way?

Set a budget

Digital Marketing is an important investment and you should start with a budget in mind. Not only how much money you want to invest, but also how much time you want to invest. Consider how much support you have from your team, how involved you’ll want to be, and if you want to use a digital agency or web design company. There is nothing wrong with making changes as new information is presented to you. But having a budget in mind will help you get started.

Write it down!

Now that you’ve done all that work, make sure to have it written down. Use whatever system works best for you. Start a new notebook that you use only for creating your plan, start a new folder on your desktop with a series of Word and Excel documents… whatever will help you stay accountable to yourself and keep you on track.

Future blog posts will discuss next steps on creating and executing your digital marketing plan. Digital Tea has been providing web design and development to Edmonton and North American organizations for over 20 years.  Our team of experts are here to help with any web design, app design, search engine optimization, or social media management questions you might have. Contact us today.  (link to Get Started form.

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