Jul 30, 2019 | Web design

Working with a web development team can be a very enjoyable experience – and we like to prove that statement!  However, in order to make updates or even a full website redesign easier, consider the following points:

  • Prior to signing a deal with a web development company be accurate with your expectations and timelines.  It helps everyone with timelines and knowing what needs to get done by when.
  • Always meet the web development team actually working on your project – Having a good open line of communication with everyone involved on the project can only make things go smoothly.
  • Come into the initial web design meeting with the following ready: what are the critical must haves and what are the lower priority items.  Web Development projects can be very large and knowing what you need as a minimum viable product will help the web developers and web designers adjust their workflow so what is the priority for you gets completed first (if at all possible!).
  • Have your content ready as soon as you can – don’t come in with 7 days left to the project with all of your content and still expecting to receive your project on time.  Trust us, it’s not going to happen.

And finally… bugs.  Yes they do indeed occur 🙂  When an error occurs during the stage of client testing, providing the following information will help the developers immensely:

  • Provide an initial description of the error
  • Let the developer know the steps you made to see the error
  • Provide what the expected result should be
  • Provide the actual results (possibly via a screenshot)
  • Letting the developer know the browser and version (e.g. Microsoft Edge 18.18362)

By doing so, bugs can be solved quickly and easily – saving everyone project time.

Following these tips will help you and your web developer have a fun and profitable arrangement for everyone involved.  Enjoy!

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